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  WCMA can provide a lifetime ordination to individuals when certain minimum criteria have been met by the candidate. Please fill out the application below to qualify.

Postal Code
Birthday (yyyy-mm-dd)
Agree to Pledge of Morality?
Marital Status?
Highest Degree Earned?
College/University where earned?
Completed ALU Core Courses?
Letters of Recommendations Submitted?
500 Word Essay submitted?
Member of WCMA?
Christian Faith Affirmed?




  You Must Read and Agree with (Yes) the Pledge of Morality** (see below)
  You Must Read and Affirm (Yes) Your Christian Faith** (see below)
  You Must Make a *one-time $249 Donation (you can use donation button below)

 * If for some reason you do not yet qualify for ordination, we will keep your record and payment (if already made) on file until you fully qualify. You do NOT have to
      donate a second time for this application process.
** If for some reason you do not agree with the Pledge of Morality or the Affirmation of My Christian Faith below, please discontinue this application process. 


Click the button below to make
Credit Card donations.

Or you can
Send your Money Order to:

Daniel Briggs, Ph.D.
10671 U.S. Hwy Route 301
Oxford, FL 34484

Pledge of Morality

I agree to keep my life above reproach by abiding by the scriptural criteria for bishops and deacons as delineated
in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 and to follow the admonishment in Philippians 4:8; to freely serve and minister
to the spiritual needs of others without discrimination; to abide by the Eser Debarim through
the power of YHWH's Holy Spirit (Agape), through HaMashiyach in me.

Affirmation of My Christian Faith

I affirm that I hold to the "Judeo-Christian Faith" as found in the Holy Bible without reduction or addition; that true
believers can only "live" if they hear and obey every "word" that proceedeth out of the mouth of YHWH.



Become ordained with a WCMA ordination. To ordain someone is a sacred commission and is not to be done carelessly. This is the reason for ordination criteria.






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